Happy Birthday… to me…

Yes, it’s my day today. Every year, I feel a bit a older but not that much wiser. This year, though? Much wiser, in reflection.

Loser says:
uh… just read your blog…
Loser says:
you don’t have any sharp objects around, do ya?

I have been dreading this day all year long. Last year I just wanted to have My Day and though others tried really hard to make up for it, I really didn’t get it. I even tried to have a Fake Birthday the following weekend, to no avail. Really, it reminded me of several other let downs in my life that occur around March. I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs how hard this time of year really is, but didn’t. Because I spoke it and it went unheard. I guess it was a hard time for someone else too.

I think I really wanted to see what would happen on this birthday. A let down? A day to remember? A good day? A bad day? Some sort of redemption? Who knows.

But the day is here and I am done holding my breath. Here I am exhaling and letting it go and realizing that I will no longer depend on someone else for my happiness on my birthday. A birthday is supposed to be a good day, right? A milestone. And Lord knows, I am a milestone person.

So, sorry for the post yesterday folks. Birthdays are a day of birth and rebirth. I am feeling positive today. Why?

So far today:

  • My friend Ike has come online and called me an Old Fart (which is hilarious since I have a complex about farts and I’m only two years older than him)
  • I’ve received 5 e-cards (nods to Doug and Roshan and three, yes three nods to my Mum;)
  • Loser wrote me a song entitled Happy Birthday To You.
  • Comments and well wishes from Amanda and Angella, my Next Mountain Range Over Neighbours.
  • *A wonderful book and gift of bath stuff came in the mail today, from my Tiko. I find this funny because she’s never been one to remember birthdays. But… she’s a Mum now, so… I’m just saying. 😉
  • *Pizza, cake and a movie with my family. Awesome, awesome and awesome again.
  • *Some more emails, chats and well wishes from Spark, Chrispy, Meg and Beach Mama as well as a phone call from one of my Aunts this evening.

* Updated. Thanks everyone!

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling the love. 🙂

  2. Yup, I really want u to enjoy this day. My 30th birthday, I didn’t even remember that it was infact my birthday, until noon!

  3. Happy Tina Day! 🙂

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday and finding that it is a special day just for you 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Hope your mountain range was as sunny as ours today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  6. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  7. Oh my god! I’m sorry I’m late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Happy belated Birthday!!! Sorry it took me so long to say so…

    It’s only up from here!

  9. Oh rats! Happy Belated, dear thing.

  10. Hey lady, sorry I totally missed your birthday but I haven’t been keeping up with blogs over here on the other side of the world. I hope it was everything you wanted and more … you deserve it. Happy birthday!

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