Yep, my birthday is tomorrow (ack!) and aside from the potentially embarrassing, but secretely wonderful act of receiving birthday gifts, there’s not much that’s cool about turning 32 (double ack!).

Last year, my birthday was a shitshow. The one person who was supposed to treat me like a Princess was… not present and available. This year, making a big deal of it seems pointless.

Maybe that’s why yesterday and today HAVE NOT been the greatest. I’m annoyed. At life. Short fused and discontent. And although I probably need to go out and have fun some night, I do not need the truthfulness of an evening out (getting ripped at the bar and having drunk men flirt and stumble their 2am attractiveness all over me). Thankfully there’s a Kids in The Hall quote to distract me from my feelings and make me howl with laughter.

Annoyed at: the way I should be thankful we even have InnerNet in the world, but I have to manually change the timestamp of this post. An optimist says, “The drink is half full.” A pessimist says, “The drink is half full, but I might have bowel cancer.”

Annoyed at: the way it’s the middle of March, nearly and the snow is only half gone, only to be replaced by soggy wet rain. You smell that? That’s the smell of spring, and I love it. You know what I love to do in spring? I love to come out into the woods, to walk amongst the budding trees, to smell and taste the hint of renewal that hovers in the air like a heady perfume, and to listen to the song of the birds who have returned from their long sojourn south. And bury the people I killed during the winter.

Annoyed at: the way our coffeemaker only makes coffee one way. I want a Starbucks in my house. For variety. My mom says that if there’s a depression, that I’ll have to enter a dance marathon.

Annoyed at: the way some friendships are one-sided only. Long term friends aside (they are the one’s that stand the test of time), it’s the newly created friendships that require the most work. I always try to make an effort, but I don’t want to have dig for conversation. If you can’t answer my question and then ask me another one because you genuinely want to know more about me, it’s a one-sided conversation that I just don’t have the energy for. Sorry. I need the effort. Then how did you get this job? You liked my hair, sir.

Annoyed at: the way some websites, in this day and age, link to other photos on other sites so that they can still use a photo, but not pay for the hosting or the bandwidth they are stealing. Someone’s gonna get a thousand dollars! Who d’ya think’s gonna get a thousand dollars? … Someone’s gonna get a punch in the head! Who d’ya thinks gonna get a punch in the head?

OK, that’s enough. I know it’ll pass, this feeling of dread, but now I can see where my motivation has gone this weekend. These are the Daves I know.

The Kids in The Hall helps, though. I got a box of goodies from DJ Dig Dug the other day. Besides a crap load of movies that I haven’t seen yet, he also found me the Season 1 and 2 DVD Collections of the humorous amusing hilarious and the superbly cleverly brilliantly amazing bizarre Canadian comedy.

Guy #1: I know it’s a cliché, but my favorite album of all time is still “Sgt. Pepper’s.”
Guy #2: “Sgt. Pepper’s”? What’s that?
Guy #1: Only the Beatles’ most famous album!
Guy #2: I’m sorry, the Beatles? Who are they?
Guy #1: The best group of the sixties!
Guy #2: Oh, the sixties. I didn’t hear much music in the sixties.
Guy #1: What are you talking about?
Guy #2: Well, dad always was a little crazy. After the car accident he started medication and things got worse. One night he woke me up and knocked me out. He brought me down to the basement where I lived for the next ten years. I heard no music, I had no friends. They shoved food under the door so I had to eat pancakes and pizza. It was awful, but I survived.
Guy #1: Gee, I’m sorry. I, uh, didn’t know.
Guy #2: Of course I’ve heard of the Beatles, you retard!

Also: I watched the first and second episodes of The Black Donnellys and am outraged that I have to wait until Monday night to see the next one. Good thing is… it’s not up against any other show that I watch. This time slot was waiting for a show like this (and as soon as the world gets hooked they’ll move it to Thursday nights against Grey’s Anatomy and then I’ll REALLY need to get a PVR). My pen! MY PEN! The one I do all my writing with! My Pen!

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  1. I’ll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY now, so I don’t forget! And 32 ain’t so bad – I’ve been there for almost 2 months and I’m not dead yet 🙂

    Have a great one!!

  2. I’ll second Ange’s Hapy Birthday wish. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by an outpouring of love from the people in your life who care about you. You deserve it!

  3. I am 30 myself, turning 31 in August. I think it is an ok age if you are below 50. After that, it is all downhill.
    Happy 32nd, Tina.

    Kisses & Hugs

  4. Hey! Happy Birthday! xoxo

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