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she’s the reason for me…

It’s my Mum’s birthday today, March 1st.

After the hub-bub of the holiday season there is a lull in the world that is typically called January and February. It consists of days that run into nights and of snowfalls and icy sidewalks. By the time February 20th rolls around, I am so tired of the dreary winter that I begin to awake-dream of tulips and leaves budding on trees. I am waiting so patiently, curled up in my haze-like slumber that the rest of February seems like one long night.

Then March 1st comes without a warning and the sun claims it’s rightful place in the sky once again. Magically, a soft warm breeze blows the clouds towards heaven. There is a wonderful moment when we can put our turtlenecks away and break out the spring jackets.

My Mum’s birthday means that the moss gets to undress its brown and go back to wearing green. Life can finally get back to normal.

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