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So, with my new early birthday present, my new iPaq – or iPacman as I have begun to call him – I can now sit in the coffeeshop in town and type a post out to my blog. Oh, I can’t quite send it, yet, until I get home. There is a connection to the internet here at the coffeeshop, but I can’t seem to be able to connect. I suspect I need a wireless account though the local ISP in order to send this post, talk on MSN, surf the Internet, etc.

But the most important thing is that I can actually type out the posts, thoughts and ideas, then send them when I get home or to an unsecured wireless Internet connection (like the one a few streets over).

The really cool thing about it all is that I find it very easy to write on this thing. It’s 95% slower than typing on a real keyboard for some, but I find it to be very similar, if not a bit faster than some of my typing at home. Perhaps beause the ‘keys’ are closer together on this keyboard its a breeze to write with. Most of the time, at home at my desk, I usually have food in one hand which means I am quite fast with the one handed typing, (or, in this case, one handed stylus pointing on tiny keyboard).

Now, if only I can hook up to a wireless connection from my comfy seat at this coffeeshop, I’d be ‘stylin’.

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