my acceptance speech…

Well, I really didn’t get much of a chance to see the movies that were nominated for tonight’s big night, but I wanted to. And still do.

And I have a big list now to rent.

Anyways, if I were a celebrity nominated for some movie that I just starred in, my acceptance speech would go like this…

I’d walk up on the stage.
I’d accept my award from any of the three McHottieDreamerson’s.
I’d stand there in front of the microphone and smile.
And smile.
I’d wave my Oscar around and smile.
And smile even more.
Then the music would cue and I’d graciously walk off stage (with one of the McHottieDreamersons).

I wouldn’t say a word except “Thanks”.

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  1. […] been one of the most feared moments of the Academy Awards. Not that I would know. This is why my acceptance speech would contain only one word. I’m more boring than the lowly grip on the Best Foreign […]

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