matzoball and meatball…

Well, tomorrow my troubles may be over. In exchange for some work to a website, I have been given a hand-me-down computer that will be more than sufficient for my needs.

This time away from the comfortableness of my laptop has afforded me the opportunity to go through and house clean up both the house and my ever growing bookmark file. Just before I jumped ship, I uploaded all my bookmarks to Delicious. Perfect idea for someone who has had to spend a few days on someone else’s computer, but a major pain in the ass because the oldest bookmark I had in the list was 7 years old (still a valid link). And it went on from there. But I am patient and persistent for the most part.

I also haven’t been keeping up with too much of my blog reading. I do have all my OPML files published and that’s super great for sharing my blog list, see here The OPML file for the list of blogs that I am currently reading., but unless I have a RSS Reader to tell me what sites have been updated, my OPML file is just a glorified Blogroll list to the feeds of the sites that I read. For the most part, I have been viewing my site to get the latest 10 posts from my Google Reader on my sidebar. And then there are the few sites that I have committed to memory and cannot function without obsessively checking between 2 and 25 times a day. Three of whom I have met and six (so far) of whom I have vowed to meet one day before I die. But then, even if I am reading, I haven’t been commenting because that would involve the creation of a thousand new cookies to everyone’s sites and I just wasn’t sure how long I’d be without my own browser.

Thankfully, that term will soon be over and I will be back up and running in no time.

I hope. This computer better work. I’ll save my real raving for when I’m back in the saddle again.

Anyways I have many many many more bookmarks to edit and that many more to delete before I can relax tomorrow evening with my ‘new’ PC and my MSN for Thursday Night TV.

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