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so, why am I crying?

While blotting the tears from my frustrated eyes, I was inspired to write this Haiku.

Computers Are Dumb.
I hate them and I love them.
They’re like men but worse.

I am not a poet; it just seems right that I vent my displeasure to you before my head hits the pillow.

It was a good day today, for the most part. I felt “good”. I even felt, for a brief moment today, a little bit “better than alright”.

I picked up the hard drive at the bus station. I even got an early Birthday present from Doug along with the hard drive. Now I can take 500 pictures instead of 40 with my brand new 1GB memory card, so Yay! I had a great appointment in town with my councilor. I even got the test results back from the blood work. My doctor says that I should continue what it is that I am doing because it’s working and my numbers are going back down to normal. Now, whether they stay at even or go even further hypo remains to be seen. But I’m getting better in the meantime, even if only for a bit.

But then there were downer parts too. Bummers. One of my molars caved in, so that feels really good right now. And the hard drive swap didn’t go so well.

Sister says:
well, i’m thinking that my computer days may be over since I don’t have a computer to work on anymore. i think i’ll go back into food and beverage.
dig dug says:
we’ll move on
Sister says:
screw my career. i’ll go back to waitressing.
dig dug says:
don’t worry, hon, we’ll get you up and running
dig dug says:
Sister says:
then i can start smoking again, and be 60 and slinging hash in a diner somewhere
Sister says:
good times
dig dug says:
<drama queen>

The swap went swell, except that somehow that drive is toast too. So. I don’t know. Still no computer.

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  1. Glad to hear that you were feeling well today and that your test results came back with good news.

  2. I don’t think you’re a drama queen at all. You’re going through a ton of crap. Now, Mr. OMG I HATE APPLE… THAT’s a drama queen:).

  3. [cough cough]

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