go for it…

OK, I don’t ever post about Britney Spears, but I do have to say… Oh my gosh. Go girl!

Do whatever you want and never mind the world! Damn the man!


You want to party all night for weeks on end? Go for it!

You want to spend a couple of weekends getting in and out of cars with your legs spread open to make a splash in the news? Go for it!

You think maybe you should check in to rehab because someone told you you need to straighten out, then think that maybe you are just trying to find yourself and don’t really need rehab so you check out? Go for it!

You feel like being spontaneous and getting a tattoo? Go for it!

You feel like shaving off all your hair and making a statement? Go for it!

I like the hair, I like the new Brit. I am not joking either. I just hope you really know what you are doing.

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  1. I wonder the same thing. Does she really know what she is doing? or has she gone off the deep end? I just hope her kids are well cared for, I know underneath it all she loves them.

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