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Thyroid Scan Results

I tried to get in to see the doctor yesterday to discuss this dizzy feeling that I am having, to no avail. So, my appointment today had to do. And it did do.

When I got my thyroid scan done, the nurse said the results would be about a week. So I waited all week. No results. So I waited another week, while I was all sick with the flu. No results. Then another week, getting over the flu and having this dizziness. No results. Until today.

Turns out my results were there the whole friggin’ time. Someone had filed my results into my folder and there they sat every time I called in. Even when I dropped by yesterday to see if I could get in early, there they were. Geez.


No major tumors or anything. It’s not cancer. It’s probably just Hashimoto’s disease or viral thyroiditis symptoms, as if that’s a good thing. But today, I gave five more vials to the cause of blood work, so we’ll see what happens in a few days. My doctor is pretty sure my numbers are going down, so there’s still many ways this can go. But we’re pretty sure it’s not cancer and that’s alright.


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