window shopping for laptop tables

In the event that I should have another relationship at any point, I would hope that my significant other would be alright with my ‘blogging from bed’ idea.

So, in preparation, I have shopped around for the perfect solutions to complete my future bedroom.

The first option is one of these handy laptop tilts ontop of the lap dog.

The second option is this deluxe laptop table, which would obviously make me pretty happy and serve doubly as a bedside table. I mean who needs anything more than some writing utensils, a pad of paper, some reading books, a steamy cup of coffee and your laptop beside your bed? This table would work, too, or even this one, but I really like the first one. I’d like one for each side of the bed.


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  1. Your first option is cool. I have a wicker tray that I sometimes use or I just use my … lap ;).

    But, if I were to write in bed more often that I do right now, I would want one of the deluxe tables, it is funky and when you are tired you just slide it out of the way. How fun.

  2. Even better, for bed blogging, is this thing I found at ‘Relax the Back’ — It’s a table top that sits over your legs, and adjusts as you need it to! Very cool for using anywhere, really.

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