Mind and Body

the winds in my sails…

Thank you for all your kind words already. I am truly hoping you can all tell me you told me so, later on.

Today, I noticed that the ringing in my ears has continued on into the day. All day long. It’s like I can’t hear it, though, unless there’s complete silence. If the TV is on, there’s no ringing. So, it’s not so much a ringing as more of a pressure in my head.

I have tried to lay down to catch up on some of my lost sleep from last night, but I get dizzy. So I have had to lay sitting up. Then I can’t sleep or nap anyways because when I close my eyes, I get dizzy. Even blinking makes me dizzy. My heart rate is slow, measuring at only 60 beats per minute, but I have a tightness in my chest, too.

It’s like I’m underwater in a pressurized tank and my ears need to pop.

Sometimes the only way I feel alright is when I sit completely still and stare off at something.

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