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In my young childhood years, one of my parent’s friends was really big into toy trains as his hobby. It used to be my job to save up the cotton from the Flintstones Vitamins bottles and Styrofoam bits from any packaging of any kind and we’d go on over to his house and he’d let us into the Train Room. I was young and small back then, so I’m sure it really wasn’t that big of a hobby, but back then, that Train Room was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.

The miniature houses on the one street town were populated with people living beside a river of blue paint which ran under the bridge of the locomotive train that was turned on by the touch of a button. In the winter months, those cotton balls that I saves up turned into snow.

Of course, it wasn’t as elaborate as this, but when I saw this link, I thought of Uncle Bill and wondered if he’d ever gone to see it.

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