what the heck?

OK. You know when Grey’s Anatomy had the season ending episode that was a cliffhanger and we all hated that we had to wait a whole summer to find out what happened?

Why, then, have the writer’s begun using this method for every. single. damn. show? Every week, I’m hanging on to next week.

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  1. I know! That show is trying to kill me! I NEED to know what happens!

  2. It’s a three-episode arc. And I hope Grey stays in the water!

  3. I’m already hooked! No need to torture me 🙂

  4. Because the next time you see a new episode, it could be months from now.

    I hate how networks schedule shows these days. I’m tempted to just wait for the DVD and not torture myself in the short term.

  5. Because they’re BRILLIANT and know that this very tactic is what keeps people like ME waiting with baited breath for every new episode. Grey’s has become my new Sex and the City, where I could watch every episode over and over and never get tired of it.

    I’m hooked, man. I’m hooked BAD.

  6. It’s only Saturday. 5 more days…

  7. They are trying so desperately to get new fans, while alienating the old ones who were content to follow along with things more simply, like Meredith and McDreamy’s relationship.

    I hate what they’re doing now too. Though, I’m 99.9% sure that Meredith won’t die. It is, after all, Grey’s Anatomy.

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