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Propranolol: Memory Suppressant?

Tonight, I lazed around on my big fat ass, curled up in bed, with my laptop on my lap. Why? Because that’s about all I could handle doing and even that felt like a huge chore. Most of the time I typed one handed on my laptop because I had to lay on the side of my body that was draining. Besides, I couldn’t see very well due to my left eye swelling to a closed position. Also, someone mysteriously stuffed some Kleenex up my nostril.

Here’s something odd.

Yesterday, on Boston Legal, a drug (Propranolol) was being described as a Pill To Forget. The theory is, you could take the pill and it would lessen the affect that a particular recent trauma would have in your memory. This is beneficial for those suffering, beginning to suffer from or might soon suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tonight, on CSI:NY, the episode guest starred Nelly Furtado as a professional personal shoplifter who is currently taking Propranolol to “forget” about her abusive husband.

Propranolol is the same drug that has been prescribed to me for slowing down my heart rate when I get anxious. It’s a beta blocker. Odd, eh? Here’s an article on it.

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  1. Saw your comment at Sweetney and had to peek (I’ve been a thyroid patient for my entire adult life).

    I took propanalol for years to help manage my Graves disease (hyperthyroid). Funky side effects, though the memory loss was never one for me. (Probably occurs at a higher dose than I took.)

    FWIW, tons of professional musicians take it (off label) before concerts, recitals, etc., because it strikingly reduces stage fright. My piano teacher clued me in on that one. I noticed a major change after I stopped taking it…I was “fearless” on it but much more prone to anxiety off it. I’ve been off it for years now (spent a couple of years on Toprol, similar, but not the same) and have had to relearn how to cope with various anxiety-producing situations.

    Good luck with the thyroid stuff. It’s not fun. Not a bit.

  2. I’m surprised you can remember what was on TV then – CSI shows are pretty unpleasant at the best of times (Nelly’s appearance was an exception).

  3. Kaleigh: No, it’s not fun, I am finding out. Much more difficult than first thought. I emailed you privately in response.

    Doug: Did you ever think that if Nelly thought the show was cool enough to be ON, that maybe the show is cool enough for Doug to watch it? 😉

  4. Hope you don’t experience any of the memory loss with that drug and that it does it’s trick and helps you out with your thyroid.

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