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Right this moment, on my computer, I have my email client open, my Windows Messenger window open, a chat window open with Doug, my BlogBridge window open, my Firefox window open and my iTunes window open. I spend a lot of my day switching around from window to window, each of them functional in their own way.

Well, I didn’t really realize how much I used my control button. For example: when I see something funny on the InnerNet, I’ll send the link to Doug and we’ll laugh about it, make fun of it, roll our eyes at it, call each other names over it or what have you.

Every time I want to send a link to Doug or grab a piece of text to send to him… every time I want to highlight something to copy it, I hit Ctrl+C and everything selected is replaced with a c. So I automatically hit Ctrl+Z to undo and I end up with a cz. So I get frustrated and hit Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z and end up with czzzz. It’s pissing me off, folks. I’m trying to remember to highlight, right click with my mouse and choose copy. But seriously? It’s so time consuming to wait for the menu to open and to scroll down to the command you want. That’s why some little monkey came up with the keyboard shortcuts. It’s quicker.

Anyways, I wish I knew what was wrong with it. Is this the first thing to go on my laptop? Is Velouria starting to break down like an old Grandmother? I hope not, because 1. I really like her, she’s comfortable and 2. I don’t have the funds to replace her. If she goes on me, I’m gonna have to get a job at A&W.

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  1. Mmmmmm…Teen burgers.

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