ctrl button…

How funny is it that my Ctrl Button has just decided to give out? Ironic, yes… but categorically not funny.

It’s ironic because I’m trying to gain a bit more control over my life. Apparently I had more control than I originally thought because with my Ctrl button on the fritz, I can’t select all, copy, paste, undo or redo. I can’t open link in new tab in Firefox. I can’t open a post in browser from my rss reader.

Yesterday I was having a problem with my Enter button. After investigating, I discovered a stray flax seed was preventing me from returning a line. A stray flax seed, consumed by humans, is supposed to lower blood pressure. Hah! Not when it’s making you crazy living under your Enter button.

Seriously, I feel like going to bed. It’s so hard to “compute” on this computer when there’s no Ctrl button. Now I have to use the mouse, if you can believe it.

Like, that’s so old sch00l.

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  1. nothing like being a little ‘out of control’ 😉

  2. I use my control button for everything – beyond cutting and pasting, I use it for moving around text lines super fast (ctrl+arrow, baby!). I don’t know what I’d do if it gave out on me. Stay strong! 🙂

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