Friends and Family

best friends and babies…

I welled up with tears as I heard the strong heartbeat thumping. Later, we talked about names. Sounds like Zenny is leaning towards something a bit softer and more traditional than others.


I already have my names picked out for my imaginary children, so I had to come up with some other suggestions for her.

Maura (after Tiko’s sister)

Then I came home and saw this article which suggests that Ava is the new Emma (in Alberta, anyways.) Then half way down it mentioned the unique names that people have come up with.

Glee, Gladness, Rejoice, Treasure, Tequila (wtf?) and Unique (I actually had a friend named Unique, way back when.)

Speaking of babies and their yummy goodness…. have I mentioned today that my friend’s son is turning 1 today? His name is Emmet. Happy Birthday Emmet!

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  1. Ooh, some good names. I got my son’s name from a dream. I feel it was given to me so I am eagerly awaiting another dream that will present the proper name for our next miracle.

  2. Babies galore! All my friends are procreating as well.

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