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something to be thankful for…

I have been trying to write this post all evening.

Meet Baby Booper

But, it’s Sunday night. I had to spend time crying over Extreme Makeover Home Edition and then time cursing that Desperate Housewives was a repeat. Then I was thankful that it was a repeat so I could watch Criminal Minds. Then Studio 60 came on. Then Ike, a good dear friend, came online and we had to catch up. Plus, I tried to keep Doug company on MSN while he “worked” tonight.

And so… the picture above is of Baby Booper’s first ultrasound.

Did that just make your heart skip a beat? Perhaps some ovaries cried out there for a brief moment? God, I only wish she were mine. But she is, kind of. I’m her Godmother. She should be making her appearance into this world sometime between May 23rd and June 8th.

Zenny says she is beginning to notice when Baby Booper rolls over as opposed to kicking. What a feeling that must be.

We have a meeting with the midwife tomorrow.

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  1. OK…you got me 🙂

    Cool that you get to be Godmother though!

  2. Wow, and you get to go to the midwives with her. You will be so prepped to be a Mom, sounds to me like you are ready already. Don’t worry your turn will come.

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