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no, I did not mean that…

I meant “here goes nothing”, not “here’s go nothing”.


But I’m sure that 99% of you knew that already and obviously didn’t want to point my error out to me for fear of pushing me further over the edge. You all know I’m under duress, right?

Just kidding.

Not really.

Anyways, the thyroid scan went well, though I swear I could actually feel the pulse of the machine taking x-ray photos of my neck. The sensation, if you can imagine, was as though there were waves of invisible pressure being thrown onto my cheeks and neck and then being pulled away again and again. Very odd feeling. My cheeks are still pulsing in and out, even right this second.

Also, the injection of dye made me feel a bit woozy, but I don’t know if that feeling was manifested from deadly thoughts of air bubbles in the needle. Perhaps. Maybe it was the thought of my dear thyroid setting off the alarms at customs? No, that would only happen should I be whisked away for a grand love holiday with a dashing young doctor. And that would be a GOOD thing, folks. Glass half full, right?

I should inform you that neither has happened. Yet.

I’ll get the results from this test in about a week’s time. Hopefully it’s good news, but I don’t really need to say that, do I?

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  1. So how long does it take for this stuff to flush out of your system? That is what would freak me out, actually is freaking me out and it is happening to you not me. One more week and you will have some answers.

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