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radioactive, nuclear, iodine, oh my…

The hospital just phoned. I have to go back tomorrow and Friday for the Nuclear Medicine Test. Ugh.

Basically, they give me a radioactive iodine drink. The iodine gathers in my thyroid. I have to wait around there for 4 hours so they know I’m alright. Then I have to go back 24 hours later to get an injection and they’ll take pictures of my thyroid.

But this is the big test. Well, not the biggest, but pretty big. It’s pretty important. Worth the drive.

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  1. As Miss TestPants as of late, I definitely feel you on the argh of having to go through all that. But it’s good to know how things are, and this will help.

  2. Wow, that is a really big test. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. This one should give you some of those answers you are looking for. Glad to hear that you have been feeling better.

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