Mind and Body

I had a big day…

And I’m super-duper tired.

The lab tech said he couldn’t see any “abnormalities”. It’s enlarged, yes. The next appointment is more important and more difficult to get in to, so I don’t have an appointment yet. But I will. And all your good thoughts may just bring me the right diagnosis.

I’m suddenly positive today. What’s up with that?

Anyways, big attitude change today. My horoscope said, “You may not be so sure about what you want to do, but it is becoming clearer day-by-day. At least now you know what’s important and can begin to make your choices based on your values, instead of just floating in the breeze.” And I read that AFTER I got back from the appointment and AFTER the shitty day that started with a transit bus that was an hour late.

More tomorrow. I’m bagged.

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