DB: Representing Frustration Land*…

Like some men who think that their beards are for storing food for later, I thought that changing hosts would be fairly easy. I had backed up all my stuff; the entire site and the database like a good girl. I signed up for my new hosting, changed my nameservers with my domain peeps. The DNS changed over within a matter of hours so I thought I was good to. I installed WordPress and uploaded my plugins and themes.

Then I went to import my database and that’s when I realized that I was in for a rough ride. Oh yeah.

After a day or two of pulling my hair out (the grey ones) and threatening to throw my laptop out the window, I finally asked for help. Doug knew Ruzz and Ruzz knew a bit about SQL. With the help of Ruzz and Google, I managed to correct the errors in my SQL file. At least, I think they were errors.

  • Remove all references to character sets.
  • Make sure the database names are the same.
  • Change engine to type.

Mental Note:

  • Dump Spam Comment plugin before exporting backup. This will save you mucho editing.
  • Back up your database and your files… often.
  • If your file is bigger than the max upload allowed, like mine was, don’t fight it, like I did. Don’t try again and again, just accept your fate. Do yourself a huge favour and cut and paste every single table of the database (including the dump command) into your SQL Query.

In the end, I suppose this little exercise was good for my brain. It was extremely frustrating at times. I felt like someone had chopped my arms off and I could no longer write, ever again. I even stayed away as much as I could from reading and commenting on blogs, so I have quite a bit to catch up on. It’s good to be back.

*Blog title in reference to the VW: Representing Deutsch Land commercial (that I think is brilliant), starring Uli Kunkel (Karl Hungus)**

“You remember Uli?”

**Peter Stormare from The Big Lebowski

“Okay. So ve take ze money you haf on you, und ve call zit ee ven.”

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  1. a bit about sql.. heh. classic 🙂

  2. ACK! I was hoping to make a move this spring to my own domain, but it seems like more work than I can do all on my own. Glad to have you back.

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