Akismet = good…

I swear, I’d be going out of my mind if I didn’t have the Akismet plugin activated. I used to get 4-8 comment sp@ms a day. Last week it was up to 100 or so. Today, since 1:45 this morning, I’ve received 250.

Does anyone want to know where the best p0ker sites are? No? Because you are getting just as much sp@m as I am? Tis’ The Season.

Leave me alone, already, you filthy stupid comment sp@mbots. IT’S NOT WORKING!!!

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  1. 48 more as of 8pm.

  2. yes…I’ve been getting “Mmm… Good post 🙂 Will watch your blog ” from various addresses. And here I thought I really did have a good post. sniff sniff

  3. Holy Spam Batman! I get maybe one or two every couple of days. You must be a high profile site 🙂

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