Simple Tips to Optimize and Publish your RSS Feed…

Three pretty important tips to optimize your Feed for a RSS reader:

  1. Put some time and effort into creating the titles of your posts. This is the main attraction that will draw a viewer into your post.
  2. Use a Feeder. Provide a central Feed, using a syndication product such as FeedBurner (what I use) or . Have a visible link to your RSS Feed and make sure you have auto-discovery on your Feed.
    • One-button subscription provides several versions of your feed, allowing optimum readership by working with nearly every Reader available on the market.
    • Most Feeders on the market, FeedBurner included, will provide you with stats that will tell you how many people subscribe to your Feed.
  3. Provide the full text of your posts and allow photos and links in your Feed.
    • Full versus partial feeds. More and more people are using RSS Readers to read sites and a lot of them will delete your feed from their reader if they HAVE to go to your site to read the rest of your post. On the other hand, the only way viewers can comment on your post is to go to your site, so make your posts content worthy of a comment.
    • Some people truncate their posts so that readers will visit their site to see the design of it. I admit that having a well-designed blog is important, I’m a designer so of course it’s important, but if I subscribe to you, I already know what your site looks like. I found your site, I had to look at it to add it and I will look at it every time I comment on it. But if viewers have to click through to your site because you truncate your posts and the post actually ends a few words or a sentence or two after the cut off, that wastes time (from the view of someone who takes their blog reading very seriously). And these days, with the amount of great blogs out there, time is VERY important.
    • If you truncate your posts because you want to know the stats of who reads your site, that’s what a Feeder is for.

There’s other things to add to the list, but these are the three main important Must-Dos to provide Really Simple Syndication that really is simple.

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  1. I’m dumb with this stuff. My site comes with a feed – do I need to fix it?

  2. Angella: Your feed comes in just fine, in full form too. I can see your post and your photos, I can save it for later if I am running out of time or I can click through to tell you how gorgeous your kids are, right now.

  3. […] Feed(s) and save time by seeing when you have a new post. Sign up with FeedBurner and see here for tips on how to optimize your Feed for publication and why it’s imperative that the world stop providing partial […]

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