are you still with short meat?

The subject line of a sp@m email I just received in my inbox. I had to post about it. Am I still with short meat?

It always makes me wonder. Is there actually a person sitting there day in and day out, sending this shit out? I know some of it is automated, but someone had to come up with that line at some point.

I also wanted to mention that I recently went through my Akismet list of sp@m comments. There are quite a few there that use the same line. “Sorry, buy I have to do that [site with url]”

You are sorry? You have to? Is someone holding a gun to your head, demanding that you visit blogs and sp@m their comments?

Is this really a lucrative career? Too bad I have morals, or I would totally jump on it.

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  1. The money isn’t with spamming itself it’s with harvesting the IP addresses of machines that can be used as spam drones. You can make as much as $3000 per week. Porn is more lucrative, however.

  2. Sharlene you are so informative!! I have never understood this spaming thing, it just doesn’t make sense to me, do people really click on the links??

  3. Ugh. I’ve been getting that spam all week, too.

  4. Hey there, I’d like to read your hidden post. You can email me the pasword if you feel so inclined.

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