nothing’s gonna stop me now…


That was like I was standing out in the middle of a busy park in the middle of the day. I could see all you people, walking around with your stollers and dogs and coffees and what have you. But no one could see me. I was cloaked in bandwidth.

I got a huge laugh, this morning, after I finally pulled myself out of bed. Angella says… “I just checked your site & there was a “bandwidth” message – are you a Blogebrity all of a sudden?”

I wish. I think it’s actually due to going back and editing my archives so that they are categorized (I’m under 400 left now and I plan to do more today). Plus, I think there’s someone who’s stealing bandwidth with my few mp3s I have online, but I’m not sure because I can’t read the site. I knew that would happen, of course, and I was expecting it… I just didn’t tell the Mother Starship that I needed more bandwidth.

I’m getting more space too, cause I found some really cool music for you InnerNets that you must hear.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Glad you’re up and running. And I voted 🙂

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