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I think, for now, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep Bloglines for my blog rss reader AND Google Reader as my back up reader.

Yikes. Could I make it anymore difficult for myself?

It’s easy, really. They both have good points and I can’t decide, yet.

So, I’ve moved my links list over to its own page, for now and kept the Google reader thingy on the sidebar. The best of both worlds?

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  1. I am playing around with Google Reader…very cool. I tested to see if it picks up my site but no luck. I will have to investigate. 🙂

  2. There are a few issues with both readers, actually. Google is showing Meg’s posts, but Bloglines says there’s something wrong with the feed.

    Anyways, Chrispy, I see your feed in both.

  3. Bloglines seems to be behind in picking up the new posts from my list. Google has them displayed in my sidebar before Bloglines even notifies me. Sometimes it’s a pretty big difference in time.

  4. I hacked through it and got it working.

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