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In the ongoing pursuit of blogrolls and rss readers that function well and to my liking, I decided today was the day to tackle the issue.

Both Bloglines and Google Reader are pretty decent with both good points and bad points. Both are browser based rss readers, both are easy to read and navigate, but the rest is where it gets tricky.

Bloglines has the ability to publish a list of subscriptions, which I liked. I’d add a subscription and it would automatically show up in my list of daily reads on my blog. The issue with this (and I blame you, NaBloPoMoDoDo) is that there are so many new and interesting blogs that I’ve come across lately that I felt I needed to add for various reasons. But, simply put, my list was getting pretty long and my favorite must reads (you know who you are) were getting lost among the new reads. This doesn’t bother me, I read all the sites on my list, but it makes it harder for you, my faithful readers, to see what I’ve added and what I like. Also, the reciprocating link issue then comes into play. A lot of the sites I read and comment on don’t have me on their lists, but I have them on mine. We can’t reciprocate links for everyone. The blogosphere is growing by leaps and bounds, daily.

Some sites I read don’t even publish a links list. What does Dooce read daily? I meant to ask her, but forgot. Some bloggers have moved their list to a page, giving up their sidebar space for advertisements. Doesn’t bother me.

So where does that leave me? To publish a list or not? To publish a links page or not? To keep the blogroll list or not?

Google Reader doesn’t let me publish a list of links like Bloglines does, but it does have the ability to publish clips of my subscriptions. At first I was thinking… how could Google Reader be so behind in the movement of sharing feeds? I’m old school. I want a list of links and I want it now. But after thinking about it for a couple of days, I believe Google Reader might have actually surpassed Bloglines now and Oh, let me tell you why.

Statement: I think it would be more interesting to my readers to see what it is I’m reading than a list of 70 or 80 odd links to blogs with clever names.

Explanation: As the InnerNet grows and grows, more and more people are starting to use rss readers to stay in the loop. Because our lists are growing, and time is becoming more precious, it is no longer functional to have a list of a thousand blogs in your sidebar. Everyone who blogs stays connected and finds new sites through these lists, yes, but lately I have found great blogs by clicking through comments.

Everyone who blogs has Dooce on their list (because she is brilliant). Quite a few of us have found A Girl and A Boy and how could we not add Leah and her Simon to our list. But what about the other blogs that are great too?

Does the advent of the rss reader mean that the blogroll thing is a thing of the past? Good question.

I am adding Google Reader subscription clips to the sidebar here. I will leave the blogroll list up too. Can you, dear InnerNets tell me which one you like more?

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  1. I love this rss thing but I have no idea how you did it, I’d like to do it too.. 🙂

  2. I wish I were as “geeky” as you. I have been using Bloglines…but should I switch? And links are nice – shows people that you read them…

  3. I’ve been trying out this google reader thing. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it yet.. 😉 But I love that little box you have with the most recently updated stuff, that seriously rocks. I do prefer it to having the links – people can easily see which blog has been most recently updated, and the title might tempt them to click more than they do with just the names in the sidebar, I think. I want to work out how to do this but I’d like it to be longer.. 😉 I’ll figure it out.. 🙂

  4. I’m just doing a bit more research. Look for a post soon on the matter.

  5. Yay! thank you for potentially saving me the major headache – I don’t know why but technical things dont seem to make sense to me like they used to. Once someone shows me what to do, I generally catch on.. 😉 hehe

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