google yourself…

“Who here has Googled their own name?”
The entire room lifted their hands.

“Who here has Googled their name in the last month?”
About half the hands went down.

“Who here has Googled their name within the last week?”
Three hands left.

“Who here has Googled their name today?”
One hand left. Dooce’s.

“Well, of course. Dooce, everyone…”

That’s my paraphrasing of Janine’s session, ‘Your Virtual Image’, at the conference. This was probably the most interesting session, for me anyways. It was fun and entertaining and if you ever get the chance you should see her speak.

Anyways. One of the points she made is that everyone should be Googling their names, just to see what’s out there. Also, set up Google Alerts on your name.

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  1. Duh…what’s Google Alerts?

    Maybe I should Google it 🙂

  2. Google >>
    More >>
    Even More >>
    Alerts >>

    You can hook it up with your gmail account and get a comprehensive digest.

    Funnily enough, I have a few google alerts already to let me know if something has been said with the keywords of things that I am interested in, but I never thought of google alreting my name. Heh.

  3. good to see your putting to work what we learned!

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