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One of my new favorite shows on TV is The Hour with George StromboSTOPOBUSNESSLY*. Those who are Canadian know who I’m talking about, so here’s a short bio for those out of country. Strombo used to work for Much Music (the Canadian Equivalent to MTV) as a VJ, yes a VJ, and now CBC has set him up with his own show. Why? Because he’s freakin’ funny, personable and wears black all the time. Watching the show, I’ve discovered that even if I wanted to go to bed early I couldn’t because it’s on at 11pm and I just have to see it.


He did a list the other day… Top Five Movies Not To Watch When Stoned. Three of these were on his list and I totally agreed. Here’s my top five…

Jacob’s Ladder
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
Natural Born Killers

Honorary is It’s All Gone Pete Tong

What are yours?

* George StromboSTOPOBUSNESSLY: No disrespect intended. He even knows he has a hard name to spell. It’s actually spelled Stroumboulopoulos (yes, I cutted AND pasted that).

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