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When I was 14 years old, I got really sick. Little red dots all over my body (wikipedia: petechiae), I was really itchy, huge migraines. It was awful. They had to take blood from me to check things out and that was the freakiest thing. I hated needles. I would start shaking at the mention of it and I’d cry when they took it. Completely freaked out.

They thought I might have Leukemia so they did a bone marrow test. That was the most awful thing I have ever experienced and if you press hard right where they checked it still hurts, even today.

They found out I had a blood disorder (wikipedia: ITP). My ordeal last over two years, I was hospitalized twice for a week at a time, getting treatments like Intravenous Immunoglobulin and eventually went on Prednisone. The first time I was on Prednisone, the doctor took me off it too soon and my disorder came right back. The second time, I had to be weaned off for a year.

The point is, I hated getting needles and when I was at my worse, they were taking blood every single day. I still get my blood checked yearly because they said that if I ever relapsed they would take my spleen and shove it into the garbage.

I have to get blood taken today and I still hate it.

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