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accidental pose
There’s my boy! Sometimes I snuggle into his neck and kiss him over and over. He puts up with it.

Lately he’s taken to hiding on me and I have to search around the house to find him. He’ll be sitting there, waiting for me. I’ll say, “Stanley! Where are you? Stanley!” and he’ll just wait and wait. Then when he hears that I am close by, he’ll crouch way down and then pounce out in front of me. Then he’ll run off somewhere else to hide.

Sometimes it’s my turn to hide. I’ll scoop him up, carry him over to the bedroom, throw him up in the air so he’ll land on the bed, then run across the house to the kitchen. Most of the time he’s already come out of the bedroom before I reach the kitchen so he knows where I am. I’ll hide around the side of the fridge and silently watch the wall for a shadow. Sure enough, he’ll walk by, slowly, staring up creeping around the corner until he sees me. I’ll yell out, “Boo!” and he’ll turn and run back to the bedroom and we’ll start all over again.

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  1. Awww…so cute. Stan sounds just like my crazy cat.

  2. Eve and I totally do this too. Now that she has more rooms to explore and more space to run in, we’re calling it XTreme Hide-and-Seek.

    (I can tell how soft he is just by looking at the picture.)

  3. i think our city bylaw says 7 cats. my husband will only agree to two. damn him. and your kitty is cute!

  4. I told him today how much the InnerNets like him and how they all thought he looked soft and cuddly. He strutted away with his tail straight in the air, dignified and debonair.

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