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tossing and turning all night…

Mmmm, coffee.

Last night, Boon and I couldn’t sleep. We tossed and turned, both of us WIDE AWAKE, for hours.

When Boon can’t sleep, he goes out the couch to watch TV and returns sometime around 6am. When I can’t sleep, I turn the light on and read. That usually puts me to sleep within 3-5 pages. I just can’t read in bed unless I’m sipping coffee at the same time.

But my little party socialite of a 13 year old brother wanted to go a party last night, way on the other side of Nelson from his house, so I kindly offered to pick him up from the party and taxi him to our place so that Mum didn’t have to drive all over the Kootenay’s at 1:00 in the morning. This was no problem for me, but the condition was, he’d be awakened at 7:30 am to watch Coronation Street.

So, last night, everyone got settled in to bed. Teege fell asleep right away. Stan woke up and decided he wanted to run around the house and Bring Things To Me*. Boon and I laid there listening to the cat run around and the boy snoring on the couch. Boon couldn’t go out to the living room last night to watch infomercials and that meant I couldn’t just flip the light on and read.

Sometime during our tossing and turning last night, Stan ran into the bedroom. Boon sat up and said, “You’re a nut!”. I said, “I was just going to say the same thing.”

Anyways. Mmm, coffee.

*Bring Things To Me: Look for a new series coming out, not on DVD but on this blog.

Addendum: 2:55pm. Just to clarify, I only have two or three nights like this a year. For whatever reason, I CANNOT sleep with hot feet. If my feet are burning, I stick them out of the covers. If that doesn’t cool them off, I will go sit outside for 20 minutes or so. I will even stand in the snow to cool them off.

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  1. Do you drink caf or decaf in the middle of the night?


  2. Haha. Well, I drink good old caffeinated coffee. Cups of Joe, Black. But that’s not the issue. I drink coffee right up to bed and it usually doesn’t bother me. See addendum to the post… lol.

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