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I must mention the Geeky Conference that is coming up very soon. To me, this conference means listening to some fantastic speakers all day long while I scribble notes and snap photos. This conference means meeting Heather and Kristin and catching up with Sharbean. Apparently there’s still openings and there may be a deal if you can sweet talk Kristin plus tell her you have the answer to her “thieving orb” issue.

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  1. If it weren’t for that darn baby of mine I’d totally be there! Dooce! And Kristin! And you! It would be grand. I hope you have a mah-velous time.

  2. Ditto – if it were a year later, Amanda and I would come fo sho!!

  3. you know what? I emailed Kristin like you suggested and I might be going! yay!

  4. yay!! that would totally rock!

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