Chronicles of Love

give me that stupid torch…

It’s 8pm. Guess what’s on?

  1. My Name Is Earl / The Office
  2. Survivor
  3. Grey’s Anatomy (an hour earlier)

Boon is into Survivor. I watched the first four or five seasons, quite diligently, actually. One year, I’d even meet other fans at a local Boston Pizza and we’d have a few drinks and we had a pool going and everything. I was pretty hard-core. Now? It seems so reduntant, even with the “curves” they throw into it. Like this years idea to divide them according to race, or whatever. It’s the same thing every year, just different people. I’m voting Survivor off the TV Island.

So, I’m blogging instead of watching that with Boon. Then at 9pm we’ll turn it to Grey’s Anatomy, which I have to see, but would rather watch it at 8 so I can watch CSI at 9. But Boon’s generally the boss of the TV anyways. It’s fruitless. A woman has no power against a remote control.

Thus, I’m praying for another cable jack.

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  1. I agree that Survivor is tired and weak now. But Grey’s…it completes me.

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