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Our morning routine consists of this: I lazily open one eye, then the other, then blink a few times. Stan is either standing on my stomach staring at me or he’s laying on my chest staring at me. So we cuddle and purr for a few minutes. Boon reaches over and gives Stan a kiss. We hop out of bed.

Normally, I walk with my eyes closed to the kitchen. I start coffee, then feed Stan. Stan is usually walking circles around my legs, meowing that he’s deprived of food, when in fact he almost always leaves a little bit of food in the bottom of his bowl. He’s a conservative cat.

The computers are started up; mine in the office, Boon’s in the living room where he can see the tv. The tv is turned to some news channel or the sports channel or if it’s after 9:30, we listen to Rock101 from Vancouver.

This morning: We did the usual lazy wake up thing in bed. Then Boon carried Stan into the kitchen. As soon as they turned around the corner of the fridge, Stan got one look at the landing to the stairs to the basement and completely freaked out in Boon’s arms. He jumped down and ran all the way back into the bedroom.

I started making coffee. I grabbed Stanley’s bowls to feed him. The sound of food hitting the bowl usually makes Stan come immediately, but he wasn’t having any of it. He wouldn’t come out of the bedroom at all. I went to the room to get him and as soon as I walked into the kitchen with him, his eyes were bugged out and he was scared of the basement. He’s been freaked out all morning. We tried to get him to see that all is ok. Boon held him and I went downstairs. We turned some Pink Floyd up REALLY loud. Nothing really worked. He still holds on tight like he’s truly terrified. He’s just now starting to calm down (his hunger got the best of him and he just had to enter the kitchen on his own to get some food), but he’s still preferring to hang out with me in the office.

In my opinion, he saw a ghost in the kitchen this morning. Do you believe in ghosts or entities?

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  1. Ghosts, no. Angels and demons, yes.


  2. I’m with Angella! I believe in angels and demons but don’t believe in ghosts or spirits that wander the earth.

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