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thirteen years old…

Today, October 21st, is always a special day for me. Thirteen years ago, my baby brother came into my life. Yes, thirteen years ago. He’s a teen now and I can barely believe that the little one that I rocked to sleep so many times just got a whack of cash for his birthday. I can’t even remember what I got for my thirteenth birthday but I KNOW it wasn’t a crisp fresh bill. I asked the Beau what he got for his 13th and he said 13 bucks. He gets a dollar for every year, even now. 20 = 20 dollars. 30 = 30 dollars. Etc.

I remember what I got for my 14th birthday. Mukluks. Because that was the style back then.

Happy Birthday, Teege!! Now you have no excuse to get out of doing the dishes, cleaning your room and mowing the lawn. You are thirteen now. That’s the way it works. The older you get, the harder it is to get out of chores.

I’ve Flickred a couple of cool photos of my brother and my mother (post shave), but you have to be a friend or family contact to see them.

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