i’m in…

NaBloPoMoWell, I’m in too. It’s the cool thing to do. Actually, I’m really interested in participating. I’ve always dreamed of stealing away to my snowy mountainous cabin far away from civilization to hammer out the workings of my best-selling novel. Of course, I’d have to write more than a blog-a-day and more about characters and events than about what I had for dinner (pasta). I’d have to write pages and pages, which I doubt I have the talent for. So, I’m looking forward to breaking through the barriers of the mysteriousness that seems to be my life here. I am a pretty cryptic person in real life, unless I have something to say, so I hope to be a bit more honest with my thoughts and feelings here. Maybe I’ll gain some more readers.

Hope you are ready.

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  1. I’m ready. You ready?

  2. Yeah, I’m ready. But are you ready??

  3. As ready as I’ll ever be 🙂

    At least there isn’t a word limit!

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