Chronicles of Love

coming to a close…

Boon brought Sirius, knowing that we’d be doing a few roadtrips, but our quick “plug it into the lighter socket” turned into a nightmare. The lighter socket didn’t work. The speakers were shit. We tried to put in a new lighter socket; that didn’t work. So we bought a power inverter that we can also use on the boat and on roadtrips in the future. But with no lighter socket, we had to wire the power inverter directly onto the battery. You would think it would be easy, but no. Not easy. So we had to “talk” all the way to his Dad’s place. Rough, eh? But Boon’s dad had all the tools needed and the two of them got it up and running, including the portable radio that we borrowed.

almost winter bench on the lake

On our drive from Boon’s Dad’s to Toronto, we just had to stop at Webers to have a hamburger. These guys actually bought their own bridge to go over the highway so that they could catch southbound travellers. Great hamburgers.

for those going south webers

Toronto, of course, was super super busy. Aggressive drivers, honking, swearing, downtown looked like Tokyo with its huge video ads and television screens hanging from buildings. We found a great little Thai restaurant: The One that we ate at twice. Yes, twice. The next two pictures are taken from the CN Tower. What a city.

toronto grid toronto grid

Tomorrow we fly away from Ontario and back to wonderful, beautiful British Columbia. I miss my Stan. I miss my family. I miss our horribly uncomfortable bed and our leaky fridge. Everyone says it, but I’ll say it too; it’s nice to have a vacation but it’s nice to go home too.

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  1. Have a safe trip home 🙂

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