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scarecrow invasion…

It’s snowing here, dammit all anyways. So much for fall. Yesterday, the town looked like this (you HAVE to check out the link). But today, there’s snow on the cars, lawns and rooftops. All the scarecrows must be freezing.

Fall colors in Ontario Scarecrow Invasion

beach More boats

For the most part, we have been driving around the area and visiting family. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. The majority of the houses here are two-story red bricks with white windows and wrap around porches. Yeah.

As for Boon’s Mom; I think she loves me already. Her and her husband were very welcoming when we all first met and despite the initial meet and greet nerves that I’m sure everyone had, there has been no uncomfortableness or what have you. They have opened their house and arms to me.

Tomorrow we are off to Boon’s Dad’s area to meet more family. I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m the kind of person who gets along with everyone. It’s just the drive that I’m not too crazy about (you know, the snow squalls and everything).

Buffalo, New York just got a shitload of snow. Power is down due to felled trees on the roads. Yikes.

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