Chronicles of Love

we serve wild sockeye salmon…

with a view

They were an unlikely couple; he in his cowboy hat and moustache, her in her girl’s night out pants. They appeared as though they might have met the night before, at some bar. Perhaps it was 1 am. Perhaps they had too much to drink. Perhaps they figured something was better than nothing.

They entered the hotel restaurant, holding hands, lovey dovey. But conversation soon became strained. “So, you said you were from Big City?” and “I don’t really like snowboarding.” and “I should call my friend.”

We watched them as they did the Oops Dance; skirting words, texting friends, examining one another in astonishment out of the corner of their eyes. The pauses were painful even to us.

As we headed out on our way, in my heart I wished them luck.

Boon and I drank four americanos from Blenz that Saturday, walking from store to store. He got blue jeans, I got some white unmentionables.

I'd live there.


The marina was full of boats of all sizes. And houses. Peope live in their boats there. Then we saw Mystic India play at Imax and… oh, my gosh was that amazing and I so want to go to India now because with the colors and wonderfulness I saw in the film and the real stories that Boon has told me I must go.

canada place.

We attempted to go up Grouse, but it was $30. Per Person. To ride the Gondola up. To eat expensixe food. Man, we just wanted to look at the view. So we drove all the way up to Cypress instead.

Then, to top the whole day off, we lucked out eating at Tanpopo for the evening. Yes, we had sushi for lunch. But how could we not have sushi for dinner. We were in Vancouver! But not only did we have sushi for dinner… we had All You Can Eat Sushi For Dinner.

all you can eat?

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  1. What fun. And yes, Grouse is ridiculously expensive. We went up once and I was shocked at the price, but the view was pretty sweet.

  2. The view from the CN Tower was awesome and totally worth it. The price was 5 bucks cheaper than Grouse. 😉

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