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babies are a beautiful thing…

Ok, first things first.

I held a baby today. Boon’s nephew; A 6 week old beautiful baby with the sweetest smelling head. That’s the best thing about a babies; the smell of their heads. I can’t describe it, but the sensation made me declare outloud that holding a baby is DANGEROUS to someone like me who would love nothing more in this world than to have her own sweet smelling baby. Of course, I didn’t give little Quinton up, just held him and smelled him and rocked him to sleep.

Speaking of babies… Congratulations, Angella, on your wee one! Emily Dian. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. I hope I have a chance to smell Emily’s head meet Emily.

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  1. She has the most beautiful (and sweetest smelling) head on the planet!

    If only I could bottle that smell…I’d make millions!!


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