the great catagorization project…

I am 20 some posts into The Great Catagorization Project (aka Pure Hell). Only 681 posts left. The good thing about going through all my posts is that I can finally edit the posts I have been meaning to edit, like those early posts with lyrics that I haven’t blockquoted and classed yet.

So far, I seem to like WP. I’ve still been learning my way around it; I’ve had some issues with some plugins that were hard to install, etc. but I’ve managed to get over a few more bumps today and I’m pretty happy about that.

Another thing I like about WP is the ease of making pages. Everything that I used to do by hand is now automated and the geek in me is fighting that, but the blogger that I am is overjoyed at the prospect of finally being completely organized.

Thanks for being patient, all. I am determined to comb through EVERY post. yay…

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