Secret Agent Josephine Declares War on HotLinkers

You should check out SAJ’s post there. I got an email from her last night about exactly what punishment she doled out for these hotlinkers (wiki) and I have got to say… I, for one, got a real kick out of that. Hilarious! Based on the content of the photo that she subbed in, these ignorant hotlinkers removed or changed their background photos in a hurry.

I actually have a program on my host’s server that allows me to set who can link to my files and right now it’s set to only me. Or at least I thought. I went to a hotlink checker site to prove it and apparently my HotLink Protection is not doing it’s job. I checked out one of the buttons on my site and it hotlinked to it, no problem.

I host all my images and video on flickr and youtube. Besides the few mp3s that I provide on my sidebar for My InnerNets that I change every month or so and those little buttons that I checked, I’m not too worried about anyone stealing much of my bandwidth. But if it’s really bothering you and you have a lot of photos that you don’t want stolen, here’s a site that will help you to test your hotlinkability and write a simple file to throw up on your server if need be. You can get more information on other deterrants here.

SAJ’s experience with MySpace Smackdown almost makes me want to throw up a couple really cool backgrounds just so I can screw with HotLinkers too.

Now there’s an idea for a webgroup.

HotLink Smackdown
Superheroes of the InnerNet Claim Their Bandwidth Back!!

In other news… I was listening to an album the other day and one of my favorite songs on it reminded me of a conversation I had a while back about 7-11 slurpees. I’m not sure if he has it already, but… Spoonman? This song’s for you!

spinning… night shift guru by cash brothers.
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This link is available only for a short time. All music shared here is for the purpose of promotion. I encourage you to purchase anything that is recommended here, but that’s just according to my taste in music. If I have promoted your music and you wish to have its link removed from my site, ask and it shall be done. Please enjoy.

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  1. Yay! It sure was fun messing with the myspacers. Thanks for the link!

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