This is a Very Important Post about…
a) geekness and/or
b) geeky people converging together to talk about geekness or
c) all of the above.


So, the official announcement is that my dear friend from way back when, Sharbean and her employer are hosting another conference and this year is bigger than ever.

Check out the official Conference 2006 for much more information, but I can tell you this…

1. There’s only 200 spots available! Actually, I’ve staked my tent out already, so really there’s only 199 left. Oh, I’ve already leaked it to a few friends, so lets say there’s 193 seats left. I said a few friends.

2. You will want to show up, if not to see these fantastic speakers speak, but also to burn things in the Guy Fawkes Bonfire the following night. I hear that the speakers are particularly excited about the bonfire.

spinning… fireworks by the tragically hip.

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