all by myself…

Everyone who liked the show even a little bit would say that they always stop flipping through channels when they see a rerun on Friends on. They put the remote down, settle back into their chairs and prepare to laugh. They think to themselves how lucky they are because they were getting tired of finding nothing on tv. It doesn’t matter what episode is playing; they laugh and laugh and it’s another chance to see that episode again! The crazy thing is… they were all pretty good episodes. We all remember certain episodes that were vital to the series, but even the filler ones were hilarious.

Friends was on and I happen to catch the last half. The one where Ross and Rachael are together and Ross is fighting with Monica because he’s always at the apartment and Pheobe got a recording deal for Smelly Cat and made that video and thought she sounded good because they had voiced her over and Chandler and Joey are missing each other cause Joey moved to a fancy apartment and Chandler gets a new roommate (adam goldberg) who doesn’t like to watch BayWatch. I liked the part when they show Chandler looking out the window and it’s raining and “All By Myself” is playing and he’s really sad and depressed and lonely and then they cut to show Joey and he’s looking out what appears to be a rain window but only looks like a rain window and is actually yet another expensive purchase to fill the loniness in his heart.

I am feeling lonely.

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