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full house…

I have two friends from work that I now live with. We work at the same place and live in the same place. Did I mention that we live in the same place and also work at the same place?

All together there is a full house here. Four adults, one 12 year old, four cats and one dog.

Spunky Who as my “Punky Flatmate”
Spunky’s Guy Who is my “Moved In Too Soon So He’s Moving Out Flatmate”
Spunky’s Kid Who is my “Now Shall Be Called Fry Flatmate”
Loopy Who is my “Loopy Friend Who Also Resides Here Flatmate”

Bella the “Cranky Cat”
Smudge the “Cat With A Big Pink Cast Cause She Broke Her Leg”
Buck the “Shedding Half-Wolf”
Winston the “Cat of Loopy”
Stanley the “Cat of Nugget”

Anyways, things are going well here. I am pretty much moved in and settled in. I have a few more things to do to complete my transition. It’s been hard at times and I’m found myself overcome with stress. A lot has happened lately. I’ve gone through a break up, I’ve moved, things at work are the shits, I was missing Stanley and apparently he was missing me too cause he snuck out of The Joint and traipsed around the countryside for a day. I was beside myself and he was scared out of his mind. Now he’s catching up on some much needed sleep. It’s been hard on me, but it’s been hard on him too.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned here my affinity for coffee before. Well, I happen to like it. A lot. At 9:30 this morning I made a nice pot of coffee to drink while I work from home today. Loopy got up at 10:30 and decided that she needs to have fresh coffee for herself. I would prefer fresh coffee too, but I can also drink it if it’s an hour old. Maybe that’s just the thriftiness in me. She poured my pot of coffee into an open jug that won’t keep it warm and made a fresh pot (two cups). So, after she poured her cup, I went down and drained the rest of her pot. To avoid this problem from happening again, I am going to buy a carafe today so my coffee doesn’t get wasted and Loopy can have her “fresh” coffee and I don’t have to traipse downstairs to refill my mug.

Soon it will just be Spunky, Fry, Loopy, myself and the animals here and that’s alright because according to Spunky we are the Girls Of Summer and we are looking for the Boys of Summer.

spinning… girl by beck.

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