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I am so tired of moving. I want to buy a house, move into it and never leave again. Whoever marries me in the end will either have to send me on vacation while he moves us wherever for whatever reason, OR never make us move until we die. Seriously, InnerNets; this is pure hell.

Anyways, the majority of my stuff was packed today, moved today and as I was downsizing, will mostly be set up by the end of today. I still have some things to move tomorrow, but I am spending tonight at my new place (which will need a name).

I took poor Stanley out to The Joint tonight, so I can set up home for the two of us. He’s going to stay out there for a few days because it’s just been me and him as of late and he needs to be conditioned again to playing with others. He’s going to be living with a few other cats (one of them is Winston, Stanley’s big brother) and a dog as well at the new home. Not that he isn’t good with other animals, he’s just in need of some reminders when it comes to living with others. Plus, I’ve been trying to keep him as an indoor cat, but the door will unevitably be left open there, so he’s going to have to learn to be outside too. What a better place to get to know the outside than at the Joint?

Anyways, I have a small home to put together. Maybe things didn’t work out here because I forgot to name the house??


spinning… the album: elk lake serenade by hayden.

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