This morning, as I was flipping around the channels, I ran into Good Morning Canada, where I saw Alex kicking out some awesome bass and singing some wicked harmonies with Chris. If you saw it, good for you. It totally made me homesick for Edmonton, the place where the best music comes from. So much talent those Alberta Boys have. Perhaps it has something to do with the open skies and cold winters.

Thursday night a bunch of us met up at a local restaurant for a surprise going away/birthday/graduation party for Queen Victoria. She’s packing up the house directly after graduation and moving to the big city to be with her fiance. The biggest surprise, aside from seeing us all there was seeing her fiance sitting there too. Hillman drove down that day because he knew we were planning a get together, but we didn’t know if he would make it. Well, he phoned when he arrived and Holly Hobby picked him up at the mall so he could leave his vehicle out of sight. All in all, it was a great evening. Queen Victoria cried and was touched by our gesture. At least she is moving somewhere where I will be able to visit with her. In fact, her door is always open to me, so that’s nice.

I’ve been working hard on a site for a client and have spent a lot of my free time the last few days trying to make a div layer menu work across the board in all major browsers. Six different scripts and I finally got one to work. Woo hoo!

BTW, my site still isn’t working properly and as soon as this client project is done, I’ll spend a bit more time on it.

spinning… the glastonbury road by chris wynters.

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