dead battery…

Apparently, the next thing I need for my computer is a NEW BATTERY. I used to be able to run my computer for over an hour on the battery, but now, it didn’t last more than 5 minutes. WTF you say? I KNOW!

The discs that I burned yesterday in preparation for my roadtrip, did not work. I made one mixed cd with all my new faves. I burned a copy of Sigur Ros’ Takk and one copy of Death Cab For Cutie’s Plans. As I started out this morning, I cranked my stereo and threw in my mixed cd, eagerly anticipating the first song, which rawks. Well, the damn cd didn’t play. Then I looked at the back of the cd in disbelief and pain washed over my face as I realized I had been bested by iTunes, my preferred player/importer/burner. Could you believe that my Sigur Ros cd didn’t burn too? Could you believe that I only have half of DCFC? So I listened to that on the way to the ferry.

I stopped about a million times on the highway, behind a yellow school bus and BARELY made it to the Dock in time to board. Then I realized that I had thrown in a few blanck cds into my laptop case and I NEVER go to Calgary without my laptop. So I’ll burn some new copies, while I’m sitting in the comfort of my car, rocking gently back and forth.

That’s when I started to burn and that’s when my laptop decided to die.

So, I ran into the ferry coffeeshop to find a plug in. Wrote this. Burned a new copy of the mixed cd and “tested it”. Now, if only the ferry had wireless InnerNet.

originally wrote at 8:29 am

spinning… tambourine by the colour.

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